About us

YUNIKUN was created in 2012, when founder Abdel El Bouznani fell in love with the work of the leather manufacturers he discovered upon a trip to Morocco, his country of origin.

Since then, YUNIKUN’s aim is to offer quality leather goods that combine the traditional knowledge and savoir-faire of our ceaftsmen in Morocco with urban European trends. We are a business based in Berlin, Germany. Our designs combine the unique styles that inspires us on the streets of Berlin with colours and materials reminiscent of the breathtaking natural landscapes of North Africa.

Each one of our bags is manufactured by hand in our manufactures in Morocco. We pride ourselves on using only traditional and natural materials with quality that will last you day after day after day. Our bags their unique colours and patterns. Providing a unique product is our greatest wish. Our whole team works with passion to make quality bags for our customers.







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