Our designs combine the unique styles that inspires us on the streets of Berlin with colours and materials reminiscent of the breathtaking natural landscapes of North Africa.

School Kit
The School kit is a part of the yunikun commitment. The purpose of this kit is to ensure the future of children's education in Morocco.
Vegetable Tanning
Known as vegetable tanning, our leather is soaked in a bath of tannins from bark and fruits for several weeks, instead of chemicals.
Human First
The main goal of a social business is not to maximize profits. For us, humans are placed at the core of our activity to create a fair circle.
The city of Fez was founded in the 8th century and is famous for its three ancient leather tanneries, the largest and oldest being the Chouara Tannery, which is almost a thousand years old.
Social Business
In a social business, we have to take into consideration the impact concern the economic field but also environmental and social fields and ensure a better quality of life to all the people involved.
Sustainable Fashion
Handcrafts are endangered all over the the world as artisans can’t compete with the price standards of mass produced goods. Support artisans, buy handmade.

"In crafting, there are no mistakes just unique creations."


shooting by ©Charlotte Mueller www.lichtzeichnung-photographie.de


Yunikun also contributes to the emancipation of its workers. That is why we offer our products at price points that can guarantee fair wages to everyone in our chain of production.

Abdel El Bouznani / CEO

I want to share my passion for Moroccan crafts.

Jawad & Karim / The futur

Continuity is assured to perpetuate this millenary art.

Mustafa / Lead designer

I find my inspiration in the old "medina" and I trust my experience.

Ibrahim / Quality controller

Customers love our bags, because I think love is in the details.


Julia (Germany) "Very nice bag! I'm very satisfied!" / Marc (UK) "The bag looks great and it arrived in time. Thank you very much!" / Laura (France) "I love Zagora, I really like it!"


We appreciate your interest in yunikun! We’re eager to help you and answer your questions.


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